Clutch Girl Gear was founded by Tinzy Smith in order to facilitate a need for creative merchandising products in the automotive world and to share her love of drag racing.  Tinzy is a crew member and clutch person on Cale Aronson’s Mountain Motor Pro Stock car.  She works side by side with her fiancé and father in law on their family operated team at Aronson Motorsports. She is in charge of clutch maintenance, between round service, data management, and starting line prep.  Over the years, she gradually gained the nickname “Clutch Girl” by fans and colleague’s in the class, as most were not accustomed to seeing a woman changing counter weight in the lanes, covered in clutch dust.  The products available at Clutch Girl Gear are a direct expression of her love for the sport and her desire to share it with others!

“My Products are created out of the things around me.  I started off in 2007 making VHT Candles that had the scent of track prep in the morning, which we have all grown to love.  I have since perfected the scent and process to make them and we are developing new scents as we speak that will be even more exciting.  In addition we created a line of carbon fiber jewelry as it is my favorite material to work with.  It allows racers to show their love of the sport regardless of the environment they are in.  We are constantly developing new products such as our coloring books that have helped educated kids about the sport as well as give them something fun to do.”


We look forward to expanding our product line and will be expanding our line of racing candles in the very near future!