Welcome to Clutch Girl Gear, the home of the Original VHT Candle

Clutch Girl Gear is a brain child of Tinzy Aronson who is also known as "Clutch Girl" because of her well known tasks on the Aronson Motorsports Mountain Motor Pro Stock Mustang.  She always loved the smell of fresh VHT on the track in the early morning as the team was making preparations for the day.  It is a scent that is well known throughout the racing community and as the thought came to mind to create a VHT Candle she set out to formulate a perfect match to that scent.  Many have tried to imitate the products, but none are yet to succeed.  The VHT Candles are an amazing product that you can use to bring the smell of the track to your home, shop or office.  Be sure to try one as soon as you can!  For best results, consider the use of the VHT Candle with a Candle Warmer!

In addition to the VHT candle the newest creations with the VHT scent are VHT Sugar Scrub and Lotion!  This winter you will be able to take a warm bath with the scent of a VHT Candle, while using the VHT Sugar Scrub and Lotion. 

Tinzy is known for also creating other awesome race inspired products, such as Carbon Fiber Jewelry and custom coloring books that each kids about racing.  Not to mention many other forms of racing apparel.  Be sure to check out all the Clutch Girl Gear today! 

Carbon Fiber Necklaces and ear rings can currently be purchased with a Star Design with or without custom crystal placement, as well as Chevy Bow Tie Emblems, Running Mustang, and even the Carbon Fiber Dog tags!

There are new High Performance Candle Packages coming soon with all new scents!